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  1. Alan Dixon says:

    Interested in package tour to Warrnambool 2024 in Jan. for classic sprintcar meeting followed by the. Aust. Sprintcar title.

    • Hilary Greene says:

      Me too Alan, have you received a reply regarding your enquiry?

      • Peter Physick says:

        Hi there Hilary. Thanks you for your enquiry too from several days ago. Unfortunately we do not do tours to Warrnambool for the Classic, for the reason outlined in the answer provided to Alan.


    • Peter Physick says:

      Hi Alan and thanks for your comment albeit back in January ’23. I have no idea why I wasn’t alerted to, or didn’t see, your question until now. My apologies.

      However the answer is an easier one because we don’t do a tour to the Classic I’m sorry. It is very difficult, if not impossible to get accommodation in Warrnambool for the numbers we are likely to have on a tour.

      Thanks again for your enquiry and best wishes for the future.

      Peter Physick
      Global Speedway Tours

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