The MONTH of MONEY tour is back in 2024! – tour prices

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  1. Karl Keeley says:

    Hi Peter, i may of missed it, but do you have a tour that includes the Knoxville Nationals? just trying to sort something out for a 26’ trip…

    • Peter Physick says:

      Hi Karl,
      The Month of Money tour always finishes with the Knoxville Nationals. Having said that, the one off “2022 Best of the Best USA” tour did not include the Nationals. The only year this has happened. And the reason for that lay with COVID and the then need to quarantine upon arrival back into Australia. As we were committed to taking 24 people to Darwin for Chariots of Thunder, Knoxville had to be left out. But with Covid now pushed into the background, it is possible to attend the Knoxville Nationals and Chariots of Thunder in the month of August. So all that means that assuming a 2026 Month of Money tour proceeds, it will take in the Nationals.

      Pete Physick

      • Ken Phillips says:

        Hi peter at this stage is tour going to happen for 2024 wth Knoxville.
        Ken Phillips

        • Peter Physick says:

          Yes Ken. The tour is planned to include the Knoxville Nationals and judging by the number of enquiries it certainly looks like it will proceed.


  2. Neil whitley says:

    Please advise when itinerary is available

    • Peter Physick says:

      Hi Neil. I’m sure you’re just as frustrated as we are. The current “contest” between the World of Outlaws and High Limit Racing means it is unlikely that neither party (or USAC) is going to release their 2024 schedules until the PRI Show in Indianapolis between December 7th and 9th. As soon as we get hold of those we can complete our Month of Money itinerary and get it accurately priced for sale.

      Regards ….. Peter Physick

  3. Graeme says:

    Hello Peter I’m currently down warnambool just finished the classic and Aus titles just around the corner
    I met a chap that’s been Knoxville etc etc and this has inspired me too find out more
    I’ll be cash ready for 2025 and would like too know
    1- how much is needed
    2- can I place a deposit
    3- can the trip be paid off
    4- What would the likely dates be for 2025
    5- Do you have a mild suggestion too how much pocket money
    Anything else info wise would be greatly appreciated

    • Peter Physick says:

      Hello Graeme. Thanks for making contact via the website. Can you please send your phone number to me via
      Or by text to 0419 264159 so we can chat.
      I am more than happy to answer your questions here but It’s much easier verbally.
      1. The 2025 Month of Money tour will not be released until approximately December 2025. Reason being is that we do not have the available information to construct an itinerary until then.
      2. The price will not be known until we know what the itinerary is. That too will be released at the same time.
      3. You cannot place a deposit until the tour goes on sale. The deposit amount for the short Knoxville sector will be (TBC) be $4,000.
      4. The trip cannot be paid off. After the deposit the next payment required will be the balance of the tour price. This is due in mid-April of 2025.
      5. The “pocket money’ depends on so many individual factors it is virtually impossible to advise an amount. Suffice to say that all your ground transportation, all race tickets, all accommodation with breakfast, is included.
      6. Please look at the website pages for 2024 Month of Money itinerary, inclusions and pricing for your best guide as to what it could be in 2025.

      Regards … Peter Physick / Global Speedway Tours

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