“The Flagship MONTH of MONEY tour is back for 2024

Peter Physick

Owner/Partner Global Speedway Tours Australia

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  1. Wayne says:


    Spoke last year about tour, I am interested in 2019 “Meet in St Louis”.

    Just looking at flights, when is ‘ideal’ time for you/tour for me to try and aim for arriving in St Louis? Looks like my options are limited based on going via LAX or Dallas. Preference to Dallas, but would mean arriving late afternoon/evening (Qantas reckon 1hr 50min for a INT to Domestic connection… No thanks :P)

    Other questions, is there an ability to put name down on list, and then confirm/pay later. Just got back from Japan (literally yesterday) so spare $$$ is a little shy at the immediate moment.

    • Peter Physick says:

      Hi Wayne….you can always put your name on “the list” for any tour as deposits aren’t called for until approx 6-7 months out from the departure date of the tour.
      I have added your name onto the 2019 Month of Money tour list commencing at St Louis.
      In terms of flights it’s probably a bit early to start planning flights, but by all means choose Dallas as it, like all airports in the USA, is both huge and dependable!!

      Pete Physick

  2. Hi am very interstested in the 2020 tour that you have advertised, could you send me via email, or contact me on 0439 224 775 i would like to know the estimated costs for each of those 2 tours cherrs

    • Peter Physick says:

      Hi Ken. Thanks for your enquiry. As discussed in our phone call the 2020 Month of Money tour will be on again as it has been in all previous years, but it will be the second part of a Mega Tour of 60 days!

      Very shortly the full 60 night itinerary will be up on the website for potential tour members to read and digest.

      In the meantime I’ve put your name and Ian’s down on the “probables” list for 2020.

      Cheers …. Peter Physick

  3. Please put my name down to peter

    • Peter Physick says:

      Will do Steve. I’ve tried to call but no answer home or mobile. Can you give me a buzz on 0419 264159.
      Thanks …. Pete

  4. Sandra says:

    Could you please send us costs and dates for the “Meet me in St Louis” tour for 2020? Sandra and Danny (Australia)

  5. Peter Physick says:

    Steve Evans. Please give me a call on 0419 264159.

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