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The 2023 Chariots of Thunder Blog

The CoT 23 tour pushed out of the pits on Wednesday August 16th when the 28 strong group arrived in Darwin from every state of Australia. If you’d like to find out about all...


The 2022 Chariots of Thunder Blog

Fully updated to tour’s end on Monday August 29th, 2022. 12 members of the 2022 Chariots of Thunder tour flew into Darwin on Friday August 12th. The remaining twelve join us on Wednesday August...


The 2019 Month of Money Blog

Throughout the month of stories there are numerous live hyperlinks shown in orange. They are either a photo or video for you to look at which is relevant to the story of that day,...


2019 Indy 500 and Midget Madness Blog

Day 1 Tuesday May 21st The big American Airlines jet floated in from the west right on time at 6.08pm making its usual circumnavigation over the city of Indianapolis to adjust to the wind...


2018 Month of Money Tour Blog

Day 1 – Thursday July 19th After spending 10 days in Van Buren, Ohio it was time to venture south to Indianapolis to meet the first intake of incoming guests on this Month of...