A fantastic way to discover the USA for the first time!!

As a first timer, I appreciated going to all tracks just to see them and experience what they had to offer. I wanted to experience everything and until you do that, you can’t really determine what is good and what is not so good.

The Chevy 15 seater was fine in that it allowed the tour group to mostly travel together, experience everything together and enjoy each others company. I think this is important for group bonding as it provides an opportunity for all participants to be part of the experience and general discussion processes.

The highlight for me was that the tour provided an opportunity to actually go to America for the first time. The time spent on the tour allowed Ash and I to better understand how to get around and appreciate the American culture before travelling on our own. Nearly everything was special in some way or other, but I thought the Little 500 at Anderson was spectacular.

I had a great time and saw some absolutely spectacular sights such as the Indy 500, Indianapolis Memorial day parade, the Dream at Eldora and of course the unforgettable 500 lapper at Anderson. Global Speedway Tours provided an opportunity to visit America and go to the races with a feeling of comfort and safety knowing that somebody else was responsible for a change.