We saw racing you just won’t see in Australia

The Courtyard Marriott Hotel was very clean and tidy …. the reception and bar/kitchen staff couldn’t do enough for us. Nice and close to the Bourbon Street Distillery bar across the street too!

We missed the Dayton Air Force museum as Dad and I were over in Pennsylvania somewhere, but the Don Smith museum…what a collection! You just wouldn’t get access to that sort of thing without being on your tour. I seriously had a ball over there. The atmosphere at Indy was unreal, the “Little Indy” at Anderson was mind blowing … I don’t know where else you would see that. Eldora for me though was a great place and a great race.

Both Pete’s were great blokes who genuinely love their race cars. I’ve never been on any other tour to compare, but I think they did a great job. Karen got us there and back alive, so she did a great job too.

Our trip to the States with Global Speedway Tours was great. We witnessed some racing you just won’t see here in Australia, sampled the American culture, met some great people and came home with new friends from near and afar.