The 2022 Best of the Best USA Blog – Part 1

Peter Physick

Owner/Partner Global Speedway Tours Australia

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4 Responses

  1. Barry Lane says:

    This is a fantastic tour! i will be on the next one. I will be watching Putnamville on Flo, hope to see you in the crowd.

    • Peter Physick says:

      Thanks Barry. As a (twice) former tour member, your comments are very supportive.

      Cheers ………Peter Physick

  2. Hi guys me and a mate are looking into one of these tours, what sort of spending money would be required for the The Best of the Best USA tour,

    • Peter Physick says:

      Hi Thomas and thanks for your comment. Given that the tour price is pretty well all inclusive with airfares, accommodation, race tickets, ground transport and fuel in the US, breakfast, selected dinners being paid for, your only costs are lunch, dinner (which is nearly always at a race track), drinks (alcoholic and / or non-alcoholic), gifts for friends and merchandise purchases.

      Some would say they get by on US$50/day and others would spend US$100/day.

      The US can be a very cheap place to visit.


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