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Itinerary information for our tours.

Knoxville Raceway 1

2018 Month of Money Tour – Itinerary

    Well we’re now home from a fabulous 2017 MoM tour and everyone is settling back into work or life’s leisure routines. The 2018 Month of Money tour will proceed again, provided we...

At the Target Ganassi Indy car race shop 0

2024 Indy 500 and Midget Madness tour

The 2016, 2018 & 2019 tours were all sold out and the 2021 tour fell victim to COVID. However, the same tour is being offered for sale again in 2024 and will leave Australia...

At East Bay Raceway with Steve Francis 0

2024 Florida Speedweek – Itinerary

Regretfully COVID-19 has caused us to postpone our advertised 2020 Florida Speedweek tour until the same time in 2024.  NASCAR of course will not be announcing their 2024 race schedule until midway through 2023. ...